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You know that wonderful feeling you get after accomplishing a task for a well deserved reason? Well, I was sure that feeling would be over and done with by today but surprisingly I still feel it and I'm so glad Jamie and I stepped in and did something quite amazing yesterday.

My granddaddy has a dog that has been digging out of his fence trying to get to another dog and he thinks to maybe resolve the problem he'd get another dog to keep his dog company. I'd been looking for him with little success because I just know the dog would have to be the absolute perfect dog. I work as a kennel technician at a local vet's office along with another kennel technician. She came to me Monday afternoon and told me that a lady that was one of her friends constantly had dogs dropped off at her work in the middle of the night. One of the dogs was pregnant and had delivered puppies and another dog showed up not too soon after wards and delivered MORE puppies and wanted to know if I'd like to come and see them. At first, I jumped at it and then felt kind of off because I knew a puppy would need a lot of training and my granddaddy is older and I figured an older dog who may already be trained would be more suitable for him. Regardless, the lady added me as a friend on Facebook and sent me pictures of the puppies. She informed me that if no homes were found for them her boss was going to call the pound which I knew would mean death. Our shelters are too over crowded and usually, especially with a litter of puppies, they would be sent straight to their fate. I posted the puppies on craigslist and received a numerous amount of replies. One stuck out when I noticed the sender of the e-mail was the kennel manager at the local animal services. I clicked on it and seen this:

If you still need help with these puppies, I can take them all. I am the kennel manger for (city) Animal Services. (animal control) I have an out of state rescue group that needs puppies. If you can get them to me today, I can send them to the group and they will all get adopted. (and what’s better they will be sterilized before they get adopted) As long as they are healthy, they will go to this group and not be euthanized. This group only takes animals from the shelter and will not take them from you directly, so they must come here. We are located at (address). We are open from 11-5pm.

This is a one time offer and after end of business today, if I don’t have enough puppies for them they will get them from another shelter. If you bring them to us after today I cannot guarantee that they will be adopted. If you have any questions you can call me at (phone number). Ask for (kennel manager).

*Number and name of shelter and kennel manager removed for privacy reasons*

I was ecstatic because I KNOW our local animal control works with rescue groups all the time and for her to see that was just perfect timing. Jamie and I called the lady and headed out to her work. The puppies must of known something was up. They we're hiding and dipping and diving every where. We we're crawling through mud and under vehicles to get them. By the end, we retrieved all 10 puppies and they we're loaded into my back seat where we took them to her.

At the end of the trip Jamie was so ecstatic it was cute. He turned to me in the car and said, "You know the show on Animal Planet? The animal cop show? That's what I feel like, I feel like a camera should be on us right now and we'd just turn to it and be like, "We did it because it was the right thing to do."" I'm so glad he was as ecstatic as I was.

Mission accomplished.

Just a quick update.

I guess I don't keep promises too well. I haven't updated. :) Jamie & I made it official December 4th, 2009. I couldn't be happier. The good thing is that it doesn't feel like we're married. It feels like it always has and I believe that is a good thing. We went to Gatlinburg for our honeymoon and had a good time. It snowed and we never see snow, it was really pretty. We we're shocked when we attempted to drive through The Smoky Mountain International Park and there was this HUGE flashing sign greeting us telling us that the road was closed due to snow and ice, that was pretty new to us. We never see snow in Augusta. :) We finally got through though. We went to the wax museum, Ripley's Aquarium, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, we ate, and had a good time. It was nice to get away, I hated that it was such a quick trip though. I suppose we both had to get back to work.

Jamie ended up losing his job after we got married and that has really took a toll on us. We're making it though so that's a good thing. I'm still working and for now I guess my income is good enough and it helps that his brother lives with us, it actually helps a lot.

We're taking a minivacation this weekend and heading down to Savannah to see my cousin and her new baby boy. It will be good to get away and spend some family time and not be cooped up in this house.

Still looking to hear from some of you if any of you are still on here, let me know. I would love to catch up. :)

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I haven't updated this thing in so long. I was going to delete all of my old entries but it was taking forever so I figured I could always go back in laugh. Lets see, if you remember me... I started using LJ in 2004 and here I am in 2009 trying to update it.. hehehe... There probably aren't even any more people on here that I used to talk to... :)

I'm 21 now, I'm engaged, & I'm getting married Friday! :) Back in 2005, I was introducing you all to Jamie and here I am introducing you to our soon to be new life together. I did eventually move out, but I'm only living 7 miles from where I used to live from. I've lived here about 2 years now. My grandma passed away Nov. 1, 2009 and I miss her a lot. She had a short term illness and severe Alzheimer's... she will be missed not only by me but anyone who has ever met her. :)

I went to Augusta Technical College for a little while and I just couldn't get interested in anything. I got my core classes out of the way and when I come to a conclusion, I plan on going back. In the meantime I'm a kennel technician at a local vet's office... :) I love my job and love working with my fur babies... :o)

No kids, quit ALL drugs, and I'm finally growing up... :)

If any of you are still out there, comment me and let me know how you all have been... <3


alot is going in my life.
don't take me off your lists
i'll still be commenting ♥

my grandparents are real sick
&&they have never been this sick before
if i lose them i'll lose everything

i'll be around &&update probably
once or twice a week if that